King Of Serpents

by Basilisk

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UK heavy hardcore band Basilisk's debut EP
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released September 14, 2014

Joe / Will / Matt / George



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Track Name: No Solace
I feel the gentle kiss of death upon my forehead
As I lie paralysed in sheets, Six foot deep
Get me out of this nightmare, I’m scratching and screaming
For help in this loneliness, yet I’m not heard,
My mouth is sewn together

Running away, with the noose round my neck
There seems to be no escape, I find no solace
In his endless desert, I have nothing left
When did I get so low?

Counting down the days, on this calender called life
Until the deadline is reached, and I plummet into, insanity

I know the time will come, when I’m on my last legs
And they’ll crumble under the weight, of my world

I’ve lost the will to live again
My demons won’t leave me alone
Scratching at my ankles, dragging me to the ground
No solace, no escape

Track Name: Voiceless
I’m getting so sick of the illusion of choice
I’d rather stand by myself and use my own fucking voice
Fuck the rich, save the poor
Reject the constant need for more
Question your parents, argue with teachers
Resist the dogma, of all the preachers
That try to keep us all in line
Fucking 9-5 on the production line

Revolt, rebel, resist
Live, don’t just exist
Revolt, rebel, resist
Clench your fucking fist

You say I’m wrong to bite the hand that feeds
But it takes with the other and it takes with greed
And I’m not deluded, I’m not hoping for paradise
But I’m after a world without the suit wearing paracites
There’s no secret society, it’s happening publicly
But we don’t have time to think, battling our own anxiety
That they have created, with their schools and their workplace
Where you’re scrounging for pennies and they’re packing their suitcase

Revolt, rebel, resist
Live, don’t just exist
Revolt, rebel, resist
Clench your fucking fist

Welcome to the age of minimum wage
You’d better get used to it, it’s all you’ll be paid
To be a slave, or you can stand and fight
End all the exploitation, take back your rights
I’m standing up for the proletariat
The starving masses that work for the rats
We’re many in number, and each one a life
Fuck the 1, we’re the 99
I’m standing up for the proletariat
The starving masses that work for the rats
We’re many in number, and each one a life
Fuck the 1, we’re the 99

Track Name: Abhorrence
We don’t need your missiles
They’re not a deterrent
It’s a show of supremacy
It’s fucking abhorrent
Lead by example
Don’t enslave with fear
Killing is illegal
But can become your career
If you carry the flag
Of the place where you’re born
Cause your countries a rose
And the others are thorns
That’s how you think, blinded
By national pride
Fuck the boundaries
Fuck the divide

I won’t
Raise the flag
I’m told
That I should
I won’t
Raise the flag
I’m told
That I should
Thousands die every day in war
Fought for land, fought for gods, for the flags they adorned
And adored, and they should all be mourned
For regardless of our views on the wars
Our compassion as human beings should not be ignored

I’m a militant
I believe that we’re all equal
None of us deserve the risk
Of being bombed, Being gassed
By a foreign state
Fighting for superiority
Or killing out of hate

Killing out of hatred
Killing out of hatred

Track Name: Enslaved
Staring at myself I look into my soul
So sick of what I see
So full of disgust Smash the fucking mirror
Just a shell of who I used to be
Too fucking selfish Too full of greed
I'll lock myself inside So the world can never see
Looks like I'm destined to live my life On my fucking knees
My mother fucking knees
I've got to break these chains

Dwell into the void with me
Maybe then you will see
Why I hate myself so much
Then you'll understand there's no turning back
Life has got it's grip on me
I've become enslaved
I've become so weak
I swore it would never come to this

I've got to break these chains
Reality never hit so hard
It's a long way down to the bottom
The world above Getting smaller and smaller
I won't give in to this life of misery
Fuck this pain I'll take it down with me

Track Name: Wretch
I have no time for the ignorant minded
I feel like the wolf among sheep
Victimized, All by myself
Played for a fool, a fucking pawn in your game
I'm so very sorry I wasn't good enough
To earn your respect, I broke my fucking back
Tried my best but in retrospect
It was all a fucking waste

Stripped of all my pride, I've reached the end of the line
I feel shattered, I feel broken, I've met my demise

Prick, You fucking make me sick

I'm standing on the edge
Where do I go from here?
I've had enough of your bullshit
Your ego has reached its boiling point
I dream of exposing you
To take a look behind the mask
I am my only witness
And all you claim is innocence

Spit in the face of hardship
I won't give in to your wretchedness
Through these trials and tribulations
I'll always bounce back

You're just a fucking wretch

Track Name: King Of Serpents
Feel the venom in your veins
A life of pain, eternal darkness reigns
You're all alone, in this empty world
Watch your back because he's watching you

King Of Serpents

Track Name: Faith Is Dead
You preach your words of love
But all I see is hate
Is there time to change
Or is it far too late?
All I see is horror
Engulfed in flames
It makes me sick
I'm throwing up tonight
It divides us all
It tears us apart
Why wasn't this seen
From the fucking start?
Faith is dead to those who are sane
Look at what you've done
Do you feel ashamed?

I don't wanna believe

We're speaking the words
Of our lords
But it seems like the work
Of the fucking Devil
This entity slows down humanity
It's putting its toll on society

I don't wanna believe

Open your eyes and see for yourself
We've created our own hell

Faith is dead to those who are sane