Harsh Reality

by Basilisk

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released February 20, 2015

Joe / Will / Matt / George



all rights reserved


Make A Change Records UK

DIY non profit Hardcore Punk & Metal Record Label.

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Track Name: Smash
No tolerance for your narrow minds
You couldn't better yourself, You've never fucking tried
You think you speak the truth
but you're just deluded by your false ideals
You live by your code of prejudice
We're all equal in this world
You separatist scum, we don't need your ignorance
Smash the fascist threat

A boot to the face of supremacy
You're the only minority here, You fucking pricks!
Track Name: Stuck In A Rut ft. Candice Bankovacki of Malice
Digging my own grave
With every day that passes by
They try to tell that I'll be just fine
They're fucking lying to my face
No amount of support could make me smile
I just want to give up
I'm sick of waking to same routine
I just want to move on

Obsolete to the fucking world
Just another face in the crowd
I have no destination, just fucking complications
I'm stuck in a rut

All I ask for is freedom
To run away from myself
My shadow's looming over me
This is a harsh reality
What ever happened to feeling stable
I just can't seem to let this go
My past is an enemy
And now I have no future

No peace in my mind
The battle rages on and on
With my head in my hands
I feel my time has come

No direction
Just complications
I'm stuck in a rut
Track Name: Slither
Trapped in this pit of snakes
Nobody on my fucking side
No where to run, no where to hide
Constricting my mind
This trust has been broken
And now it leaves a bitter taste
I won't be double dealt anymore
Why can't you speak the truth?

I'm pushed to the limits
I'll leave you branded a traitor
Look me in the eyes and tell me
Do you live to spite?

I've become surrounded
By double agents
By liars and thieves
I'm cornered and there's no escape
I'm sick of the bullshit
This knife has been driven Into my back
These wounds may heal
But they'll leave a scar
That I cannot forget

Your venom runs through my fucking veins
Look me in the fucking eyes and tell me
Do you live to spite?
Track Name: Justice? ft. Aaron Francis
A badge and a gun
Should not be abused
Authority used to strip basic rights
How can you call yourself the law
Bringing such injustice
The power has got to your head
And now you're out of control
And the people are sick
Of being beaten and cheated

Is one's mistake the template for all?
A generation born to fit your profile
Fuck your ideals And your mindless actions
To spit in your face Is the world's reaction
I dream of clenched fists to the sky
United minds Against corruption

This brutality ends now
What I've witnessed disgusts me
This brutality ends now
You don't intimidate me Motherfucker
Track Name: Life In Reverse
Living life in reverse
One step forward
Two steps back
Nothing seems to change
Day to day with this ball on a chain
I search for guidance
Something to follow
I feel like I'm lost and alone
I've accepted my fate
I walk the lonesome path of life
All by myself

A fucking curse has been brought upon me
I need to find a way to lift it
My soul has been taken from me
I've been stripped of my humanity
I can't stand by myself anymore
I'm walking with two left feet
Reality's touch, It burns my skin
I'm living life in reverse

Is there a way out of this?
My conscience is in a vice grip
You could say that I've gone insane
But my world is what's fucked up